The New Tech Lab – Flight Simulators

computer lab

Command Center – Room 143

The Department of Defense is making it possible for the NMSU College of Education to turn ordinary classrooms into a novel learning environment that engages students in a complex science, math, and technology curriculum. The lab developed by TEQGames, a learning and simulation company based in Orlando, Florida, has designed a lab featuring computer-based aviation platforms and simulators that engage students in a variety of missions that require critical thinking in applying core math and science competencies ranging from time-speed-distance calculations to advanced physics.

flight simulator booths

Flight simulators – Room 151

This lab will be available for 5th – 12th grade students in the many NMSU STEM outreach programs that are offered, as well as NMSU undergraduates and professional development for pre-service and in-service teachers.
This is the first time that a lab has been installed in a higher education institution, but because of the support from the NMSU administration as well as the extensive STEM Outreach programs, NMSU was chosen for the site for this new lab.

The lab is being installed the last week of July and this fall students will be engaged in new and challenging missions that promote team work and role playing as they solve “real-world” problems.

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