Students that represent the College of Education Core Values

deans-parkingThe Dean’s office in the College of Education is honoring students who exemplify the CORE VALUES of the College of Education. The students were nominated for the award by exemplifying one or more of the core values of the College of Education. Seven students total were randomly selected from a pool of nominees.

2016 – 17 Core Values-Student Award winners

Ana Lopez

April 2017 – Ana Lopez“Ana has an outstanding academic record with a record of excellence in all things she does.  She is forthright and presents herself as being from NMSU proudly.  Ms. Lopez is from Mexico and a second language learner.  She makes every effort to be inclusive in her actions and words.  All her presentations to-date, and her selected research agenda is dedicated to inclusion and diversity.  We are very confident in her leadership qualities, capabilities, innovation, and leadership.”

Tabitha CollinsMarch 2017 – Tabitha Collins“Tabitha exemplifies the Leadership Core Value when she represents the CoEd at local, national, and international conferences where she presents her work about literacy.  She also teaches a master’s class in literacy and is co-authoring an article with Dr. Mary Fahrenbruck.  Tabitha volunteers and participates in a variety of activities on campus.  Her focus on LGBTQ children’s literature reflects her commitment to support diversity at NMSU and beyond. She strives for excellence in all she does.  Her work ethic is outstanding and she goes above and beyond in anything asked of her.  Tabitha is a member of a group that studies Imagology and will be one of the first to use it as a framework for a dissertation.

February 2017 – Violet Henderson – “Violet is an outstanding student in the College of Education. She has worked as a research assistant on a grant funded literacy project. She teaches as an adjunct in the Language, Literacy and Culture program and the Teacher Education Program in C&I. She is respected and well-liked. She is truly and asset to both programs. Violet has done much to support children who attend NMSU Myrna’s Children’s Village. She expertly interacts with children and families as she models reading skills and strategies, assesses children’s oral reading proficiencies and provides suggestions to families about ways to support children at home. Violet Henderson displays the Core Values of Excellence, Leadership and Innovation in ways that make her an outstanding student.

Marlena Moreno with Parking passSeptember 2016 – Marlena Moreno – “Marlena is extremely gifted and also has a deep-rooted passion for working with others. Marlena’s leadership style can best be described as that of a transformational leader. She is a tremendous visionary that leads through inspiring others to be their best self. She is committed to the cause and operates with a high degree of integrity.”


Anikah Bagawan October 2016Atikah Bagawan – “Atikah has displayed innovation in continually going beyond requirements to pursue additional professional experiences in special education.  She was funded as a student representative from Indonesia to attend an international conference on inclusive practices.  She has begun employment with a local agency that supports adults with disabilities, and has sought information about ABA to forward to her family for use in their work in a school for students with Autism.  She is an undergraduate student whose approach to learning about special education shows a graduate level of initiative.”

November 2016 – Margarita Ruiz Guerrero, C&I

2015 – 16 Core Values-Student Award winners

November 2015 – Carina Leyva – “The two core values that stands out the most when describing Carina are excellence and leadership.  Carina maintains a 3.8 grade point average while working part-time as an office assistant and commuting from El Paso everyday.  Carina supports the CEP department through her excellent organizational,  problem-solving, and training skills.  Carina is bilingual, bicultural, loves children and animals, and is a born leader.  Carina has served her community through many different projects including Toys for Tots, and the Salvation Army during Christmas.  She is majoring in secondary education with an endorsement in bilingual education and aspires to be a High School Principal someday.

December 2015 – Kristal Valdovinos

Elizabeth Leatherman, January 2016 Core Values Winner.

January 2016  – Elizabeth Leatherman – “Elizabeth displays excellence in her scholarly work, and in how she works as president of the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association.  Her grades are stellar, and she works to make the organization one of the best in the nation.  Students in the group see that Ms. Leatherman is a model of integrity in the way she serves and encourages others to become part of the group.  She has used innovative strategies to make sure all students are able to access meetings, even if their schedules are full, as Elizabeth has instituted Adobe Connect to allow for remote attendance or viewing a video of the meeting.  The increased ability to attend meetings and the posting of meeting minutes using Canvas also assures transparency in the organization.  Elizabeth is an example of the ‘full package’ with exemplary leadership skills assuring the group has attendance by all with deep diversity in membership.  I wholeheartedly nominate her for this award.”

david-villalobos1 1

David Villalobos, February 2016 Core Values parking spot winner.

February 2016 – David VillalobosDavid has worked in C&I for 2 years and is majoring in Elementary Education-Bilingual/TESOL. David is taking 18 credit hours this semester and also working 30 plus hours at an outside job to make ends meet. He has a passion for education and changed his major to education upon working in the College of Ed. Growing up in a rural area, David wants to give back to his community by teaching the students that live there. David has a great sense of humor therefore making him a pleasure to have working in the office. He is going to make an excellent teacher and will make such a positive impact on his future students.

March 2016 – Heather Kangas

April 2016 – Alejandrina Garcia

May 2016 – Amanda Armstrong