September 2017 Core Values Dean’s parking spot winner –Sabrina Jamison

Sabrina JamisonWe would like to congratulate Sabrina Jamison for winning the September Core Values Dean’s parking spot award.  Sabrina was nominated for the award by exemplifying one or more of the Core Values of the College of Education. 

“Sabrina Jamison is a junior majoring in Secondary Education: Science. She is from Minnesota and chose to attend NMSU after visiting many western universities. Sabrina exemplifies the core values of the College of Education in many ways. She is a natural leader and has served as the President for Educators Rising for the past year and also serves on the College Council. She is innovative in the way she approaches her studies and her work. As a key member of the SOAR Lab, she is able to solve problems and develop solutions for many of our research projects. Sabrina is also very transparent in the way she works with her fellow students and coworkers. She is a joy to be around and she is uplifting to all those she encounters. She excels in many areas and she does it with kindness and humility. She truly is an example of excellence, integrity, diversity, transparency, leadership and innovation..”


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