Reverend Hunter and Edith Lewis Scholarship

Reverend Hunter Lewis was known as a pioneer, due to his work in missionary work for the St. James Episcopal Church. The young priest began to serve St. James Church when there were only 217 students attending NMSU. The agriculture college was only a half-mile away, and ‘A’ Mountain used to be visible from the church. Reverend Hunter also served as campus minister and was an immediate hit with the college students. His wife, Edith Lewis was a schoolteacher, and taught 2nd grade for nearly 20 years in Las Cruces. They both encouraged college students to attend church. Lewis knew that not all his sermons would attract students, but that they definitely wouldn’t drive them away. Hunter Lewis was such an ever-present help in times of trouble that in the early years, you couldn’t tell the difference between St. James Parish and the college. He often provided financial aid, work, a place to sleep, or a hot meal to many students. In return, the students chopped firewood, cleaned house, washed dishes and chauffeured Reverend Lewis (who never learned to drive) as he went about his duties. Five of the six Lewis children attended NMSU, and in 1988 the Lewis children established this scholarship in the College of Education in memory of their parents.


Class Level: JR.
Required Minimum GPA: 2.0