Dr. Edgar M. Kugler/ Phi Delta Kappa Endowed Scholarship

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he was adopted by an aunt after having lost his parents at age nine. Having completed his secondary education, he served with the Air Force from 1942 to 1946. Nebraska Wesleyan University granted him a B.A. degree, and that same year he married the former Beverly Brubacher. They had two sons, Kip and Ky. His teaching career began in 1952 and he held positions at the University of Nebraska where he earned the doctor’s degree, Iowa Wesleyan College, Buena Vista College, and Western New Mexico University. From 1967 to the time of his death, he was Associate Professor in the College of Education at New Mexico State University.

Dr. Kugler served his local Phi Delta Kappa chapter with distinction. He was active in his church, a member of several professional and service organizations, but most importantly he was a Christian educator, a person with undying optimism, and a great family man. A resolution honoring Dr. Kugler was passed at the 36th Biennial Conference of PDK, October 22, 1977. The Student National Education Association of New Mexico State University changed it name in memory of him, and the local chapter of Phi Delta Kappa which he served so faithfully honors him on this date and dedicated this occasion to his memory.


Class Level: JR. SR.
Required Minimum GPA: 3.5