Angelina G. Sanchez memorial Endowed Fund for ENLACE Students Studying Abroad

Angelina Sanchez

Angelina Sanchez

Angelina G. Sanchez, passed away at the precious age of 92. She was born to Manuel García and Elisa Ortega Garcia in Viejo Casas Grandes, Chihuahua. Although she was not allowed to attend high school, she later completed a correspondence course offered by the Chicago School of Nursing with a 98% passing grade. Angelina Sanchez did not just talk about her principles and beliefs she lived them. Thus, she was a life-long activist for the rights of workers and Mexican Americans in New Mexico. In the early 1950’s she was an active member of the Ladies Auxiliary of the United Mineworkers of America, Local 890 in Bayard, New Mexico. During that time the union went on a strike at the Empire Zinc Mine in Hanover, New Mexico. When the strike was threatened by the Taft Hartley Law, Auxiliary members, who were not official Union members, took over the strike. She was a regular participant on the picket line and helped with preparations at the union hall, taking her daughters to help when we were not in school.

Angelina was a proud Democrat and worked for Democratic candidates and issues her entire adult life. In 2006, unable to leave her home she still stuffed envelopes, for the Kissling Campaign. In 1995, on behalf of the countless women who took over and successfully ran the Empire Zinc strike, she accepted a “Las Primeras”, award from MANA, A National Latina Organization in Washington, DC.

Angelina filled her home with books and encouraged her children to read, think, learn, explore, and create. And, by example, she challenged us to always work for social justice. She was an exceptional mother, who supported the education of her daughters, something she, a talented and brilliant lady, was denied. A mother who wanted every opportunity afforded her daughters; she was a proud and outspoken feminist.


Financial Need: Required
Class Level: JR. SR.
Required Minimum GPA: 2.5
Required Residency: US Citizen
Other requirements: Preference given to NM Hispanic students. Recipient must be enrolled in any NMSU Study Abroad Program and participating in the ENLACE program.