College of Education Scholarships & Awards

In addition to the NMSU scholarships which are automatically awarded based on your admissions application (see NMSU Financial Aid’s Scholarship page), the College of Education offers student scholarships to new and existing students who are enrolled in a program through our college.

Scholarships help students defray some of the costs associated in attending the university and are made possible by alumni and friends of the college. Eligibility and award amounts vary. Scholarships are available for undergraduate and graduate students. See the list below for information on scholarships offered through the college.

A FAFSA application can also be submitted to NMSU for additional financial support  in the form of grants, loans and work-study. Visit University Financial Aid and Scholarship Services for more information.

Application Information

Students are required to only fill out only one application for all NMSU and departmental scholarships.  Applications open in November and close March 1st for the following academic year. Please contact Amanda Romero at 646-5858 for more information regarding College of Education scholarships.

Scholar Dollar$ is the singular application used by students and staff at New Mexico State University for processing, awarding and applying for scholarships. To apply fill out the NMSU scholarship application at:

 College Awards submitted directly to the College

  • Outstanding Senior Award – All applicants must be candidates for degrees for the spring or fall semesters. The award is given once each semester to graduating seniors from the Alumni Association Office.  Applications should be submitted to the Dean’s Office, O’Donnell Hall, room 301.  Please contact the Dean’s Office for deadline information at 646-5858.  Outstanding Senior Award Application
  • Fanny & Floy French Award – Annual Improvement of Secondary Teaching Award.  This $5,000 award is only offered to secondary teachers currently teaching in the public schools.  A proposal must be submitted to the College of Education in the spring semester.  Please contact Dr. Cecilia Hernandez ( for more information regarding the French Award.
  • Noyce Award  – This award is only for STEM Majors!  The award is for a $5,000 Spring Semester stipend and a $5,000 Fall Semester stipend.  Please contact Nicole Delgado at 646-7649 or

Army ROTC Scholarship Opportunities

Army Scholarships

Additional Scholarships

College of Education Scholarships

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ATEP | Audiology | Bilingual Ed | C&I | CD | CEP| Choreographer, director or producer | Clinical Psychopharmacology | CoEd student | Dance | Early Childhood | Ed Leadership | ELA | Elementary Ed | Kinesiology | NM Teacher | Pre-Service Science | Secondary Ed | SPED | Speech & Hearing | Speech Language Pathology | Teacher Ed |

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Farmer Endowed ScholarshipGraduateSpeech Language Pathology
Mary Carolyn Knott Endowed Scholarship for Graduate Students in Communication DisordersGraduateCD 
Ryan Hyatt Memorial Endowed ScholarshipUndergraduateCD
Garrett – Owen – Wood Alumni and Friends EndowedUG or GRAD CD
Edgar Garrett Endowed ScholarshipUG or GRAD Speech & Hearing
Richard W. Benfer Graduate ScholarshipGraduatespeech language & audiology
Joseph and Cyrena Adams ScholarshipGraduateSpeech Language Pathology
Adams-Cahill Graduate Research AwardGraduateC&I or CEP
Dr. Peggy Glaister Kaczmarek Counseling Endowed ScholarshipDoctoralCEP
Dr. Rene A. Ruiz Dissertation AwardDoctoralCEP
Marge Estell Endowed ScholarshipGraduateCEP
R. Deblassie Endowed ScholarshipGraduateCEP
Dr. Timothy Fjordbank Endowed ScholarshipGraduateClinical Psychopharmacology
Carleene Winberly Memorial Endowed ScholarshipGraduateCoEd student
Bunford “Bumpy” S. Pelton Counseling Endowed ScholarshipJR. SR.CEP
Charles L. Calhoun Memorial Endowed ScholarshipGraduateMFT, SW, CEP
Nicolas & Elian MarinDoctoralCEP or ELA
Dr. Roberto Gallegos Fellows and Friends Endowed FundDoctoralC&I
VanWie Learning Leader Endowed Scholarship for Learning LeadershipGraduateC&I
Dave and Eula Fern Thompson Endowed ScholarshipJR. SR.C&I
Ferguson- Hirzel Endowed Memorial ScholarshipUndergraduateCoEd student
Rojo and Peggy Pobar Endowed ScholarshipUndergraduateEarly Childhood
Dean Barbara Simmons Emerita Early Childhood Endowed ScholarshipJR. SR.Early Childhood
Claude C. and Essie D. Dove Scholarship FundUG or GRAD Early Childhood
Glass Family Endowed ScholarshipUndergraduateEarly Childhood
MaryLou Davis Current Use ScholarshipUndergraduateEarly Childhood/ Elem Ed
Mildred Lee Bonnell Memorial Endowed ScholarshipUndergraduateElem. Ed. Minoring in Spanish
Donna Estes Endowed ScholarshipSeniorElem. student teaching
Laura Lee Harty Endowed Scholarship for Student TeachingUndergraduateElem. student teaching
Jean Banks Apodaca Endowed ScholarshipGraduateElementary Ed
Brenda K. Porter Endowed ScholarshipSeniorElementary Ed
Double H Elementary Education ScholarshipUG or GRAD Elementary Ed
Benegas-Pena Current Use ScholarshipUndergraduateElementary Ed or Bilingual Ed
Amy Lyster Montgomery Memorial EndowmentGraduateNM Teacher  
Wendy and Travis Traylor Endowed ScholarshipJR. SR.Pre-Service Science
Arturo Torres College of Education Student Teaching ScholarshipStudent TeacherTeacher Ed.
Foltz Family Student Teaching Endowed ScholarshipStudent TeacherTeacher Ed.
Dr. Janaan Diemer Endowed Student Teaching ScholarshipStudent TeacherTeacher Ed.
Presley & Patti Askew Endowed Student TeachingStudent TeacherTeacher Ed.
Clarissa D. Garcia Endowed ScholarshipStudent TeacherTeacher Ed.
John and Charlotte Yates Student Teaching EndowmentStudent TeacherTeacher Ed.
Jean Thomas Endowed Scholarship FundUndergraduateTeacher  Ed.
Jerald L. and Olwen Reece Scholarship FundUndergraduateTeacher  Ed.
College of Education Alumni ScholarshipUG or GRAD CoEd student
Malone and Caldwell Families Endowment for EducationUndergraduateCoEd student
Delta Kappa Gamma Iota ChapterStudent TeacherTeacher Ed.
College of Education Student Teaching ScholarshipStudent TeacherTeacher Ed.
Fanny and Floy French AwardGraduateTeacher Ed.
Montoya Family Endowed FundUndergraduateTeacher Ed.
Sarah Harrison & Nicole Giorgio Social Justice and Teacher Education Endowed ScholarshipUG or GRAD NM, TX or Chihuahua resident
Compañeros Preschool ScholarshipUG or GRAD Teacher Ed.
Judith Ann Owens Scholarship FundUndergraduateElementary Ed
John and Romayne Thomas Endowed Scholarship FundStudent TeacherTeacher Ed.
Dr. Darrell S. Willey Endowed FundGraduateEd Leadership
Lloyd Cooper Memorial Endowed ScholarshipGraduateEd Leadership
Risner Schiller Memorial Endowed Fund for GraduatesGraduateSPED or ELA
Charles and Linda White Endowed ScholarshipFreshmanCoEd student
Clara B. Williams Family Endowed Scholarship FreshmanCoEd student
Jose N. and Joan T. Uranga Hispanic Educator Endowed ScholarshipFreshmanCoEd student
Donald C. Roush Scholarship for Graduate StudentsGraduateCoEd student
Joe and Sheila Bullock Endowed ScholarshipJR. CoEd student
Alpha Delta Kappa / Fidelis GammaJR. SR.CoEd student
Angelina G. Sanchez Memorial Endowed Fund for ENLACE Students Studying AbroadJR. SR.CoEd student
Clara Belle Williams Endowed ScholarshipJR. SR.CoEd student
Dr. Edgar M. Kugler/ Phi Delta Kappa Endowed ScholarshipJR. SR.CoEd student
Faye Leona Murphy Memorial ScholarshipJR. SR.CoEd student
Joel L. Granger Endowed ScholarshipJR. SR.CoEd student
Denise Briggs Outstanding Senior AwardSeniorCoEd student
College of Education Endowed Scholarship FundUG or GRAD CoEd student
Homer W. Heathman Jr. Endowed Memorial ScholarshipUG or GRAD CoEd student
Jennie Lynn Hanson Memorial Current Use AwardUG or GRAD CoEd student
Marie Palm Stewart Endowed ScholarshipUG or GRAD CoEd student
Nicholas and Cora Souvorin Memorial ScholarshipUG or GRAD CoEd student
Reverend Hunter and Edith Lewis ScholarshipUG or GRAD CoEd student
Wynn M. and Everett Egginton Endowed ScholarshipUG or GRAD CoEd student
Edgar Alexander (Slim) White and Mary Dimitroff White Endowed ScholarshipUndergraduateCoEd student
Elizabeth Ann Shirk Memorial ScholarshipUndergraduateCoEd student
Ramona L. Martinez Memorial ScholarshipSO. JR.CoEd student
Stuart and Betsy Meerscheidt Athletic Training Education Program Endowed Scholarship FundJR. SR.ATEP 
McCowen Family and Friends Athletic Training Education Scholarship FundUndergraduateATEP 
No Strings (Dance) Endowed ScholarshipUndergraduateChoreographer, director or producer
McCowen Family and Friends Athletic Training Education Scholarship FundJR. SR.CoEd student
Luis and Josefa Maynez Family Endowed Scholarship in the Program of DanceJR. SR.Dance 
RÀ Memorial Endowed Scholarship in DanceSO.Dance 
Jose Tena Endowed Dance ScholarshipUndergraduateDance 
James B. and Peggy M. Delamater and Friends Endowed ScholarshipJR. SR.Kinesiology / Dance
Dr. Debra Wright-Knapp Endowed ScholarshipUndergraduateKinesiology / Dance
Michael and Jan Morehead Endowed ScholarshipUndergraduateSecondary Ed or Dance
Kenneth Leland Smith Memorial ScholarshipUG or GRAD SPED
Carrie Elisabeth Geyer Endowed Scholarship FundSeniorSPED
Michael Gallegos Memorial ScholarshipStudent TeacherTeacher Ed.
Daisy Gray Undergraduate Endowed Scholarship FundUG or GRAD CoEd student
Marilyn Kallman Heathman Endowed ScholarshipUG or GRAD Hearing impaired in SPED/CD
Gallegos- Romero- Salazar Memorial Current Use ScholarshipUG or GRAD NM Teacher
John and Patricia Chinn & Thomas and Jean Lambright Endowed ScholarshipGraduateSPED or CD
Dr. Kristine Derer Memorial Endowed ScholarshipUG or GRAD SPED or CD
Timothy J. Clearly Endowed Memorial ScholarshipUG or GRAD SPED or CD