Language, Race, and Power in Schools

Language, Race, and Power in SchoolsDr. Pierre Orelus has recently published an edited volume, Language, Race, and Power in Schools: A Critical Discourse Analysis (Routledge Research in Education), with many of our doctoral students.  The C & I doctoral students are: Susana Rios, Debamista Roychowdhury, Lihua Zhang, Loretta Wideman, Ewa Krawczyk, Paulo Oemig, Gizelle Martinez, Nancy Wasser, Romina Pacheco, and Karen Trujillo.

In this edited collection, the authors from various academic, cultural, racial, linguistic, and personal backgrounds use critical discourse analysis as a conceptual framework and method to examine social inequities, identity issues, and linguistic discrimination faced by historically oppressed groups in schools and society. Language, Race, and Power in Schools unravels the ways and degrees to which these groups have faced and resisted oppression, and draws on critical discourse analysis to examine how multiple forms of oppression intersect. This volume interrogates areas of discrimination and injustice and discusses possibilities of developing coalitions and concerted efforts across the lines of diversity.

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