Mathematically Connected Communities – Teacher Leader Cadre (TLC)

The Mathematically Connected Communities (MC2) Project is a partnership of math educators, teachers, mathematicians, researchers, and school administrators across New Mexico with a focus on professional opportunities for effective mathematics teaching and learning.

As an essential component of MC2, the Teacher Leader Cadre (TLC) brings together a group of twenty-three dedicated classroom teachers who convene monthly with mathematicians and math educators to deepen their content knowledge, build leadership skills, engage in rich, ongoing study of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics, and design professional learning experiences for teachers. Teacher Leaders are involved in developing and facilitating Content and Pedagogy Workshops and also use Edmodo leaning communities, eNewsletters, webinars, and videos to provide online support for teachers across the state. The TLC provides university faculty and staff with classroom “laboratories” to study children’s learning and effective teaching practices.

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