March 2018 Core Values winner – Gaspard Mucundanyi

Gaspard Mucundanyi We would like to congratulate Gaspard Mucundanyi for winning the March Core Values Dean’s parking spot award.  Gaspard was nominated for the award by exemplifying one or more of the Core Values of the College of Education. 

“Gaspard Mucundanyi is a doctoral student and graduate assistant in the Curriculum and Instruction Department.  He exemplifies excellence in his teaching as evidenced by the outstanding evaluations he receives from students in his courses.  In addition to his classroom leadership, Gaspard serves as an ASNMSU Graduate Senator and is a member of the Critical Multicultural Educators organization.  He has supported grant activities in his work with Dr. Wiburg.  His commitment to diversity is evidenced in his co-authorship with Dr. Woodley on an article about culturally responsive online education.  Gaspard is an outstanding student leader.”


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