K-5 Teachers Needed (3 Total)

Lorrie Sparks with 2 teachers

Our principal, Lorrie Sparks, is in the middle. On the left is our librarian and on the right is the elementary counselor, Jo Martinez.

Greetings from Battle Mountain, Nevada! The Lander County School District is looking for 3 elementary teachers to join our staff.  If you have recently graduated, still have your student teaching to finish, or are feeling up for an adventure consider giving our district a try! The starting salary is $37,747, the district pays all of the insurance premiums for the employee and all of the retirement.  Plus there’s no state income tax!! And to top it off we have a 4 day school week! I love my 3 day weekends every week.  If you are interested or would like more information feel free to email our principal, Lorrie Sparks, at lsparks@landernv.net or call her at 775-635-2889.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Jo Martinez

Battle Mountain Elementary School Counselor

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