Rentfrow Hall Renovation Campaign

rentfrow rendering in colored pencil

The College of Education has launched a $2.5 million fundraising campaign to renovate Rentfrow Gymnasium for the Department of Kinesiology and Dance. The Rentfrow Hall campaign will provide much needed space for the department, which has seen phenomenal growth.

Era RentfrowA bit of history…

The Rentfrow Gymnasium was constructed in 1958 and was named for Era Rentfrow, a former University Registrar. Rentfrow Gymnasium was boasted as the home of the Physical Education and Recreation Department. Additionally, Rentfrow Gymnasium holds fond memories for many Aggie students and Alumni as having been (and still continues as) a site for social gatherings.

floor plans showing additonal space.

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Over the last 50 years, the physical education field has changed considerably. The scientific disciplines have exploded, in particular with respect to Kinesiology and Athletic Training. Our dance programs have experienced significant growth as well and have received national recognition in many areas. Our STARS team is growing and making an impact in several growing fields.

The vision and continued legacy…

The Department of Kinesiology and Dance seeks to advance the science, practice, and art of human movement. Faculty and students collaborate to explore human movement from biological, behavioral, social, pedagogical, and artistic perspectives. Of critical importance are the dissemination of new knowledge and creative works, and the preparation of scientists, practitioners, educators, and performers.

Floor plan showing layout.

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Give Now!

Online giving.  The Rentfrow Renovation Project is a three year campaign aimed to raise $2.5 million or more to supplement state funding.

Your gift today will secure our Aggie heritage forever.

By giving you will become part of a legacy that will impact the lives of our students for generations to come. It’s more than giving to a building, you are impacting the lives of students!

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