Giving Tuesday ~ Scholarships in honor of Bunford Pelton

Clifford Pelton established two scholarships in the College of Education in honor of his brother Bunford Pelton as well as two others at DACC and International Programs.

  1. Bunford (“Bumpy”) S. Pelton Counseling Endowed Scholarship in the Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology
  2. Bunford (“Bumpy”) S. Pelton Teaching Endowed Scholarship in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Bunford S. Pelton was born in Baltimore, MD on January 26, 1927. He was nicknamed “Bumpy” in grade school, but no one remembers why. Bumpy had a hard life and was often misunderstood because he was shy and guarded but he was always considerate of others. He was honorably discharged from the army in WWII. He was a master of many trades. He worked hard his entire life and rarely enjoyed his earnings. However, after retirement his dream was to trek through Asia. He had two great adventures to Katmandu. He finally found a true place to call home when he followed his brother Clifford L. Pelton to Las Cruces in 1996. His brother Clifford established four endowed scholarships in honor and memory of Bumpy’s life. It is his wish to ease the financial burden of students and hopefully at some time they will pay it forward in honor of Bumpy.

The Giving Tuesday event was a great opportunity to meet with the donor and learn about his family commitment to learning. Knowing more about the donor adds a depth of understanding about what donors bring to the College of Education students’ tuesday photos

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