Policies for Promotion and Tenure

Promotion and tenure decisions are the means by which NMSU rewards and retains its most valued scholars, sustains excellence in its instructional disciplines, and fulfills its mission to advance knowledge. The NMSU policy relies on the four types of scholarship defined by Ernest L. Boyer, namely, the scholarships of discovery, of teaching, of integration, and of engagement. Broadening the definition of scholarship (see section 9.24.2) reflects the changing roles of faculty members in teaching and advising, scholarship and creative activity, extension, outreach and service.

CoED Promotion and Tenure Policies

2020 CoED Promotion and Tenure Policies (effective with new hires beginning Fall 2020)

Beginning in Spring, 2019, we launched the revising of the document content process. College Council voted to create two documents: one for tenure-track/tenured faculty and one for college and research faculty. Both documents were approved by faculty, executive council, dean, and provost.

Archived CoEd Documents exist for individuals hired prior to 2020.

2019 CoEd Promotion and Tenure Policy

This document is updated to align with the latest ARPs.
The content has not changed since the 2008 version.

2008 CoED Promotion and Tenure Policy

Effective for individuals hired prior to Fall 2020. Individuals who want to opt to use the 2020 should notify, in writing, their Department/School head.

For additional information regarding the promotion and tenure process, please refer to ARP Chapter 9 at 9.20 to 9.43 (https://arp.nmsu.edu/chapter-9/)