Teaching Resources


NMSU provides workshops, training, mentoring and conference support thorough the Teaching Academy, Instructional Innovation & Quality (IIQ) and the Online Course Improvement Program (OCIP).  Check out the excellent teaching tips and resources identified in the  Faculty Advisory Committee on Technology (FACT) Newsletter.

The FACT Committee  is a made up of faculty members representing the various campuses and colleges at NMSU. The focus of the group is to identify what is needed for University technology in supporting the faculty. The group also provides input to topics that are raised and recommends significant technology initiatives.  The Student Technology Advisory Committee (STAC) meets with FACT twice a semester and participates in FACT meetings by sending a student STAC representative to provide updates on STAC activities, as well as to take information from FACT back to STAC meetings.

The Teaching Academy

The Teaching Academy serves NMSU educators through training, mentoring, and networking. It helps NMSU educators develop extraordinary teaching lives embedded in exceptional careers.  Check out the many workshops and other Events offered by the Teaching Academy.

Instructional Innovation & Quality (IIQ)

Instructional Innovation & Quality is dedicated to providing the best possible support and workshops to the NMSU community.  On the IIQ site you will find workshops and resources for various academic technologies available at NMSU.

Online Course Improvement Program (OCIP)

The Online Course Improvement Program (OCIP) is professional development for NMSU faculty focusing on improving the quality of online teaching and learning. It expands on services currently available through the  Teaching Academy and Instructional Innovation and Quality.  OCIP provides NMSU faculty with Peer Review of Online Courses, Scholarships for Conferences, Events and training.