Food Service Survey

Faculty, Staff & Students,

The College of Education is exploring the expansion of food service offerings available within O’Donnell Hall.  Your input will guide the planning effort to base future food service options on the preferences that you report.  Click on the link provided below to indicate what food choices have the greatest appeal for you:

Your response to this short survey will remain anonymous and take less than 2-minutes to complete.  It will provide valuable information to help us take action to better meet your nutritional needs on campus.

If you do not wish to respond to this survey at this time, you can close the browser and click onto another tab to proceed with your work.  The next time you logon, the survey prompt will reappear for you to provide input.

If you have already responded to this survey, THANK YOU for your participation!

Best wishes for your continued success on campus.

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Special thanks is extended to the ICT Technology Support Center staff
who assisted in making this survey accessible to all users of O’Donnell Hall facilities.