The Charge for the Council

The charge for the Diversity Council as specified by Dean Pope-Davis includes:

  • That the diversity final report be optimistic, constructive and visionary where a collective endeavor with recommendations will add value to our College of Education.
  • That the report “promote diversity, inclusivity, multicultural education, internationalization, and non-discriminatory practices in word, deed, and behavior” in every aspect of our academic and professional work so as to benefit and support every one of us as represented by this task force for the essential practices of Teaching, Research, Service, and Outreach.
  • That the entirety of the report inform and continue adding substance and clarity to the present COE Mission and Vision, which in turn could inform respective Missions and Visions of each COE department as well as our work across disciplines and colleges.
  • Lastly, to include the recommendation of creating a “Diversity Symposium” cycle or Lecture Series with a list of speakers to be held annually or bi-annually.