College Council

Shared Governance


Partners in Preparation: Collaboratively Developing Educational Practitioners and Leaders to Work Effectively in a Diverse Society


The college of Education recognizes the important relationship between broad participative governance in preparing teacher candidates, teachers who are continuing their professional development and other professional roles in schools such as principals, school psychologists, counselors, speech-language pathologists, and physical educational specialists. Shared governance at is a dynamic set of processes, which provide a critical foundation that actively supports the Colleges goal of working collectively to identify common goals, developing strategies for attaining those goals, and jointly resolving problems that arise in the process. Council provides advice, direction, and perspective to the college of education administrative leadership about issues, policies, and procedures that impact the direction and quality of the Colleges instruction, research/creative activity, and service programs.

Core Values

College of Education Shared Governance is based on the core values of

  1. Informed and inclusive decision-making
  2. Transparency and clarity of operations and decision-making
  3. Open lines of communication between and among all components and members of the College of Education community
  4. Accountability
  5. Mutual respect and trust

College Council’s Positive  Affirmations

“Calm, Cool, Collected, Constructive Council”

Who we are:
Caring  Communities
Creative  Collaborations
Compassionate  Colleagues

What the Future Holds:
(Facing) Critical Challenges
(To make) Courageous Change
(Through a) Collective Consciousness
(For a) Central Cause
(With a) Clear Compass

Student Success:
(Helping students to improve) Cognitive Concentration
(So they can make decisions with) Careful Consideration
(For better) Career Choices

College Council Meetings

Minutes-September 28, 2018

Minutes-October 26, 2018

Minutes-November 30, 2018

Minutes-January 25, 2019

Minutes-March 4, 2019

Minutes-March 18, 2019

Minutes-April 15, 2019

Minutes-April 29, 2019