Allocation of Effort

Allocation of Effort Planning Form

(Source: College of Education Promotion and Tenure Policy
Revised: 12/1/2009 Page 8 & 9)

4. Allocation of Effort: The relative amount of effort that faculty members, regardless of rank or position, devote to the various aspects of their duties (e.g. teaching, scholarship, extension/outreach, and service) necessarily varies. Faculty assignments and responsibilities may vary over time according to faculty strengths and departmental needs. Similarly, faculty assignments will vary across departments. Consequently, any fair promotion and tenure process will recognize these variations and consider whether the faculty member is effectively serving the mission of the University, as defined by departmental criteria, and meeting the faculty member’s agreed-upon goals and objectives. Faculty effort in service to the administration or committees will be valued appropriately as a part of the promotion and tenure evaluation. Faculty can expect to be evaluated fairly in all areas assigned in the allocation of effort statement.

In order to assure equitable treatment, every faculty member will, with department head input/approval, complete an allocation of effort statement as part of the annual evaluation process. When determining the allocation of effort, decisions will be made equitably, that is, without regard to race, national origin, gender, gender identity, age, disability, political beliefs, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, special friendships, or animus towards candidates. Further, in the allocation of effort process, the College of Education will assure undue burden is not placed on untenured faculty members or those from underrepresented groups.

Each department will develop and implement an allocation of effort statement to be included in the faculty member’s promotion and/or tenure portfolio. All aspects of the agreed upon efforts will be accounted for in the recommendations made at each step of the process.