Goal 6: Economic Development

Dr. Susan Brown, Director of STEM Outreach. These programs and initiatives are designed to align and encourage the K-12 pipeline in the STEM fields. (photo by Darren Phillips)

Dr. Susan Brown, Director of STEM Outreach. (photo by Darren Phillips)

Objective 1:   Enhance capacity building and educational efforts via academic department initiatives that promote learning and quality of life within the state of New Mexico.

Objective 2:  Respond to the statewide labor demand for program disciplines offered within the College of Education.

Objective 3:  Expand and enhance the delivery of professional development and continuing education opportunities to the statewide workforce.

Key Performance Indicators:

KPI 22   Number of students entering into high demand jobs (community college administration, speech therapists, counseling, athletic training, etc.) within the state of New Mexico

KPI 23    Number of national and state licenses and credentials obtained by CoEd degree completers in each discipline

KPI 24    Intellectual property holdings