Goal 5: Research & Creative Activity

Objective 1: Promote scholarly activity and publications through the enhancement of incentives (recognition, annual research awards, grant funding, stipends, release time, etc.).
Objective 2: Increase support for undergraduate and graduate students participating in faculty-mentored research and creative activity.
Objective 3: Expand faculty research and creative activity through the submission of internal and external grant funding proposals.
Objective 4: Expand the integration of technology in the college and foster innovation using technology.

flowers-on-fire800Key Performance Indicators:

KPI 17  Grant funding proposals submitted / awarded
KPI 18  Original research contributions by faculty and students (publications, presentations, creative activity, critical reviews)
KPI 19  Invited presentations from research scholars and grant funding officers
KPI 20 Faculty participating in research mentoring and capacity building initiatives
KPI 21  Efforts to enhance integration and innovation using technology