Goal 4: Community – Service, Extension & Outreach

SPED outreachObjective 1: Inform the community/state regarding the expertise, educational initiatives and scholarly contributions of the College of Education faculty, staff and students.

Objective 2: Gain broad recognition for the strength/ranking of the academic degree programs offered by the college.

Objective 3:  Increase the outreach & service programs extended to the local community, school districts, community colleges, tribal nations and other community-based organizations.

Objective 4:  Seek interdisciplinary/multi-disciplinary alliances to enhance outreach efforts emanating from the college.

Key Performance Indicators:

KPI 13  Outreach and service programs offered to local community
KPI 14  Participants served through outreach and service programs
KPI 15  NMSU listing of CoEd faculty and staff experts available to the general public
KPI 16  Recognition, awards and distinctions received by faculty and students