CoEd Strategic Plan Overview

CoEd S-Plan cover

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The Planning Process

The Strategic Planning process began in Fall 2012 with the focused efforts of a planning committee comprised of faculty representatives from each academic department. The process was expanded to include ongoing consultation with the CoEd Deans Group, Education Council, and College Council and the preliminary results were disseminated for review by all faculty, staff and students.  Furthermore, in November 2013 a Town Hall meeting was conducted to engage CoEd faculty, staff and students in further discussing the various elements presented in the strategic planning document.  Input obtained at each of these junctures was incorporated into subsequent revisions of the strategic planning document and updates were provided during the Fall 2012 Opening Session and Spring 2013 Opening Sessions.

Implementation and Reporting

The recommended timeline for the implementation of the CoEd Strategic Planning goals and objectives is structured as a three-phase process:

Phase 1:  FY 2013- FY 2015
Phase 2:  FY 2016- FY 2018
Phase 3:  FY 2019 -FY 2020

In this manner, the specific goals, objective and key performance indicators detailed for each phase of the strategic plan will reflect the CoEd priorities that are outlined in support of the Vision 2020 Strategic Plan for New Mexico State University.

The CoEd Strategic Plan will be reviewed and updated annually.  Annual reporting of activity undertaken in support of the strategic planning goals and objectives will be presented to the Dean.