O’Donnell Hall Facilities Requests


All classrooms except the TECH Lab, Dance Room and OH 033 computer lab (see O’Donnell Hall Classroom and Seminar room listing and layout) are scheduled by Academic Scheduling – email acasched@nmsu.edu.  Before requesting a room, you can check availability on the ASTRA Schedule.

Conference Rooms, and 033 Lab

O’Donnell Hall has various conference rooms that are occasionally available for reservation. The conference rooms are scheduled and maintained by the individual departments, and are heavily scheduled during regular semesters, however they are sometimes open. Please make your scheduling request with the appropriate department secretary. If a meeting is cancelled, please call the contact to open the venue up for other users. Each conference room is equipped with a computer, projector, screen and console.

Room Location Capacity Contact Phone
COE/CELP Lab Room 033 24 Amanda Romero – use the form below 6-7939
OTCP/Advising Conference Room Room 107 8-10 Claudia Solorzano 6-2119
ELA Conference Room Room 210 10-12 Alma Meza 6-4022
CEP Conference Room Room 221 10-12 Norma Arrietta 6-2121
C & I Conference Room Room 126 15-20 Crystal Chavez-Sambrano 6-2290
Dean’s Large Conf. Room Room 300 20-25 Amanda Romero or April Ray Collins 6-5858
Dean’s Small  Conf. Room Room 301B 6-8 Amanda Romero or April Ray Collins 6-5858

Public spaces in O’Donnell

The Atrium/Lobby area is a moderately sized, open area which is often used for registration for events held in the adjacent classrooms (OH111 and OH 104), or small receptions, press announcements, awards ceremonies, etc.

The Courtyard on the south side of O’Donnell is a moderately sized, open area available for campus events. This space features a grassy area with a stage that can hold events similar to those currently held in the atrium.

The Dean’s Office makes decisions regarding these spaces. Use the form below to request the use of the O’Donnell Hall Atrium and/or Courtyard and to reserve furniture or technology not normally in these spaces (see FAQ 5 & 6).  Please note that the person/group requesting furniture or equipment is responsible for setting up and putting away the furniture.

O'Donnell Hall Facility Request Form

This form is used to request the O'Donnell Hall Atrium/lobby area, the courtyard, and OH 033 Lab.
    This form is only for non-centrally scheduled spaces - email Academic Scheduling for classrooms.
  • Type of event - reception, registration for adjoining rooms, press announcement,etc.
  • List only needs that are not already standard in the room (see FAQ 5&6 below). Please note that the person/group requesting furniture or equipment is responsible for setting up and putting away the furniture.

NOTE: Events that will be serving alcohol must adhere to NMSU alcohol policy and an application to serve beer and wine submitted and approved by the alcohol committee prior to the event. The rules and form can be found online at University Alcohol Permit Request Guidelines, Training and Forms.

Frequently asked Questions

  1. What rooms can be scheduled and who does the scheduling?
    • All the regular classrooms and seminar rooms are scheduled by academic scheduling. To schedule classrooms email acasched@nmsu.edu. If you are a student group the forms to schedule an event are on the Campus Activities web page: Activity Registration Form.
    • Conference rooms (107, 126, 221, 210, 300, 301, 302), are scheduled by each department administrative staff.
  2. Can we have food in the classrooms and conference rooms?
    • Yes generally, if you clean up after yourselves and keep it off the carpets and equipment. We prefer that you schedule rooms with tile floors, if possible, when you are serving food. Most regular classrooms have tile floors. Rooms 111 and 104 and most conference rooms have carpet, so it’s best to plan meals in other rooms. Check with the department secretary about department rules regarding their conference rooms. Food in the science classroom (127) and the computer labs is discouraged, but dry snacks and drinks are ok if they are kept to the tables in the center of the room and away from the computers.
  3. Can alcohol be served in O’Donnell hall?
  4. Can we rearrange the furniture?
    • Yes, if you put it back. The tables in all the classrooms (except 111) and most conference rooms are on wheels, and can be moved very easily. Please unlock the wheels before moving the tables, and lock them down when they are in place and when you reset the room.
  5. What technology is available?
    • All the regular classrooms and conference rooms have projector screen, computer, and DVD & VHS player. All have built-in speakers with excellent sound. OH 300 has a camera and mics for recording/broadcasting; use Adobe Connect for recording.
  6. What furniture, besides the standard classroom furniture is available?
    The following items are available for use in O’Donnell Hall and in the courtyard. Please note that the person/group requesting furniture or equipment is responsible for setting up and putting away the furniture.

    • 6 white 5′x2′ folding tables
    • 8 white 4′ round tables
    • 8 tall cocktail tables
    • 50 folding chairs
    • Podium with mic & speaker
    • 6′ screen
    • several large trash cans
    • portable sound system (for courtyard)
    • OFS also has tables and chairs that can be ordered for outdoor use.