O’Donnell Hall Classrooms

Image of OH 111

Large Lecture Hall OH 111

Regular classrooms in O’Donnell Hall are scheduled through Academic Scheduling; email acasched@nmsu.edu to reserve classrooms. Workshops, Masters Examinations and other events can be scheduled around classes.

O’Donnell Hall exterior doors are scheduled to automatically unlock and lock on the following schedule:
Monday-Friday:    7 am – 10 pm
Saturday- Sunday 7 am – 5 pm

Faculty & staff who need to access the building at other times can request a key card to allow access. Most classrooms are not locked, however a few are locked in the evenings and on weekends – these can be accessed by key card if needed. OH 111, 104, 127 and 130 are on the same schedule as the building. The computer labs OH 033 and 041 are unlocked 7 am-7 pm, and accessible by card if the permissions have been added to your card.  Conference rooms are controlled by key card access and can be added to the key card with the permission of the controlling department. See the O’Donnell Hall Facilities Request form for information these rooms and who schedules them.

Building lighting is scheduled to be on during the following hours:
Monday-Friday: 7 am – 11 pm
Saturday- Sunday 7 am – 9 pm

If the lights go off before you wish to leave, there are security lights that stay on 24/7, and there is a bypass switch in most suites which will turn the lights back on for an hour–see Dr. Jennifer Villa if you need help locating the bypass switch for your area.

Furniture & Equipment:
All classrooms except OH 111 and the Labs (OH 033 & 041) feature moveable tables and chairs. All standard classrooms have whiteboards, a power screen, LCD Projector mounted in the ceiling, a teacher’s console with computer, VCR with VHS & DVD players, a document camera and standard controls to switch between computer, document camera, VCR and laptop inputs. The smaller seminar rooms and conference rooms are equipped with computer, screen, LCD Projector mounted in the ceiling, VCR with VHS & DVD players and standard controls.

Specialty classrooms:
These 3  rooms have additional equipment for recording or broadcasting classes.

O’Donnell Hall Classroom and Seminar room listing and layout – This 2 page document shows the O’Donnell Hall physical layout with classroom room numbers, suggested seating and other notes. The large lecture hall, OH 111, has tiered seating with fixed tables and movable chairs and seats 96. The Learning Theater, OH 104, is designed to seat 30 students with tables and 50 without tables.  In most of our regular classrooms, seating varies from 25-35 seats; the seminar rooms seat 10-12.  See the document above for details on individual rooms.

Image of OH 151 Image of OH 252