Regional Curriculum Review Center

Image of curriculum stacks

Student work group. Curriculum materials are on the shelves behind them.


The Curriculum Review Center for Instructional Materials was part of the Learning Resource Center, which was re-purposed as a STEM Office area as part of a larger reorganization. The large OH 046 room has been divided and the current year materials will be located in the east end of OH 046.  Previous year materials are located in various locations: Science, Social Studies, Career and upper level Language Arts are in the PC lab OH 041, Math materials are in 046, and lower level Language Arts are in the CORE room, OH 027.

Center Hours:

Access to Curriculum Review Center materials is by appointment. Contact the Dean’s office 575 646-5858 to set up a time to review current year materials.

Off-campus visitors are advised that parking can be difficult, especially Monday-Thursday. Visit the NMSU parking webpage to get an Visitor Permit.

About the Curriculum Review Center
There are a total of six regional curriculum centers in the state of New Mexico. All materials in the center are sent by publishers participating in the state curriculum adoption process. The main purpose of the center is to provide regional access for educators to preview the materials that have been state approved prior to purchasing the materials.

The adoption process is accomplished on a rotating five year cycle. Materials included in the current cycle year must be used only in the center. Schools, education students and faculty, and parents of the children in our state are invited to visit the center and examine the materials.

The Material Adoption Cycle is Defined as Follows:

Subjects to be reviewed Summer Review Institute Purchase for School Year
K-12 Social Studies, Reference, NM Native American Art and Culture June 2016 17/18 (FY18)
K-12 Health, Physical Education June 2017 18/19 (FY19)
K-12 Science, Arts (Music, Theatre, Dance, Art) June 2018 19/20 (FY20)
K-12 Math, CTE, Driver Ed June 2019 20/21 (FY21)
9-12 ELA/Reading, Core Reading Intervention, Modern, Classical and Native Languages June 2020 22/23 (FY22)
K-8 ELA/Reading, Core Reading Intervention, Modern, Classical and Native Languages June 2021 23/24 (FY33)

For more information, Please see the State Department of Education’s Instructional Material Bureau