O’Donnell Hall Facilities

O’Donnell Hall, primary home of the College of Education, was built in 1968, The building was named after William B. O’Donnell, a former professor, dean of students and dean of the college. He was vice president of the university from 1959 to 1968. O’Donnell Hall is located at 1220 Stewart Street, between Sweet and Williams Avenue, just north of Preciado Park.

O’Donnell Hall houses the college’s administrative departments and the academic departments, Counseling and Educational Psychology, Curriculum & Instruction, and Educational Management & Development. The Department of Special Education and Communication Disorders remains, for now, in the Speech building, though we hope to add on to O’Donnell Hall in the future. The Department of Kinesiology and Dance is located in the Activity Center and in the newly renovated Rentfrow hall; Athletic Training has offices in the Fulton Center.

O’Donnell Hall underwent a major renovation in 2006-2008. The enhancements to the building were numerous. The front porch/entrance and 2 classrooms that were above it were removed and replaced with a three floor addition which has 2 new classrooms, new offices for faculty, advising and the administrative offices. Windows were added to the existing structure and technology to all classrooms and conference rooms. All the regular classrooms have projectors, computer, video player, sound system and power screens.  The courtyard was landscaped a little later.