Leadership Team

dr henrietta williams pichon

Dr. Henrietta Williams Pichon

Dr. Henrietta Williams Pichon

Interim Associate Dean: Academic Affairs

575 646-7556
The Interim Associate Dean for Students & Programs reports directly to the Dean and is primarily responsible for reviewing proposed changes to academic programs of study.  In addition, she serves as the point of contact for students experiencing issues related to the college.  

Henrietta Williams Pichon’s scholarly activities focus on access, development, pedagogy, and persistence of historically underrepresented groups in higher education.


Karen Trujillo

Dr. Karen Trujillo



Dr. Karen Trujillo

Interim Associate Dean: Research
575 646-4098

Dr. Karen Trujillo is the Director of K-12 Outreach for The Alliance for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning. As an educator for the past 23 years, Dr. Trujillo has served as a teacher, an administrator, a researcher, a professional development specialist, grant writer, and a project director.

The recruitment for permanent position hire will be launched during the 2018-2019 academic year.


 Juanita Hannan

Dr. Juanita Hannan

Dr. Juanita Hannan

Assistant Dean for Budget and Finance
575 646-3784
Dr. Juanita M. Hannan directs the Education Research and Budgeting Office. She is responsible to the Dean of the College of Education for accurate accounting and reporting with regard to externally funded projects. She manages the work of ERB staff and serves as liaison and central contact for other offices on campus and, as needed, for funding agencies. Dr. Hannan also oversees the Distance education and summer programs.

gladys denecochea

Dr. Gladys De Necochea



Dr. Gladys De Necochea

Assistant Dean for Strategic Initiatives
575 646-2498
Serving on the senior leadership team of the College, Dr. De Necochea provides leadership for a wide range of planning efforts and initiatives; and coordination for the Leadership Training Program for mid-career faculty.


Dr. Rachel Boren

Assessment Program Manager
575 646-6477

Dr. Boren oversees data collection and reporting for College accreditation needs, internal research, and continuous improvement. This includes creating and administering surveys, quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, and writing summaries of relevant data for diverse audiences. Her primary expertise is in program evaluation.



Denise Tafoya

Development Officer

575 646-5572

Denise is in charge of our advancement activity along with promoting interactions with alumni and donors.  If you have any donor/development interests, please contact her directly.