Classroom Intervention Opportunity

Background Information
In an effort to expand learning opportunities for students grades 3-6, NMSU and Texas A&M University are funding a content area reading intervention program to better serve our local student population.
Our approach uses the Text Structure Strategy:
Students are introduced to the text structure strategy to assist in their reading science, social studies, and other nonfiction text with good comprehension. While some students do this well, others are still in need of instruction as they find non-fiction text challenging.
Our materials are in Spanish for bilingual classrooms: https:/
This intervention is based on our text structure reading comprehension framework that has been proven effective with monolingual English speakers and Spanish speaking English learners.
This text structure based intervention has received the What Works Clearinghouse stamp of approval:

Schools and Classroom Teachers
Teachers in 3rd, 4th, 5th, (and 6th) grade are invited to participate. We are needing two classrooms at each grade level (3rd-5th). Teachers may receive payment of $250 for participating in project. If the PD is done on a school day, a portion of the $250 may be used to pay for substitutes. Teachers can receive customized lessons for their classroom. Start date: July-Aug. 2019.

All Students use the reading comprehension software or print materials once a week for 45 minutes to learn text structures, write main ideas, and learn to organize info from the text. Random assignment to early start (Aug – Jan) or late start (Feb – May).

Contact Information
NMSU: Anita Hernández, or 575-646-4084 or 805-714-1922 cell TAMU: Dr. Kay Wijekumar, K or 724-422-3183

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