Blanca Araujo interviewed about new book.

BlancaBlanca Araujo, an associate professor in the NMSU College of Education, spoke with C-SPAN this afternoon about “Educating Across Borders: The Case of a Dual Language Program on the U.S. Mexico Border,” a book she co-authored about the learning experiences of border-crossing students living on the U.S.-Mexico border whose lives span two countries and two languages.

This week, C-SPAN is in Las Cruces and the surrounding area visiting various literary and historic sites, interviewing local historians and non-fiction authors, and conducting educational and community outreach. The segments will air on Book TV (on C-SPAN2, Comcast channel 18) and American History TV (on C-SPAN3, Comcast channel 105) on August 18-19 during a special feature Las Cruces weekend.

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