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Amy Heil

Amy Heil

Amy B. Heil began her journey at NMSU when she received two Bachelors Degrees in 1996, double-majoring in Criminal Justice and Psychology.  In 2008, she completed graduate studies at NMSU and earned a Specialist Degree in Education in School Psychology. Amy is currently a forensic interviewer at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and serves as an expert witness throughout the state of Arizona in judicial proceedings regarding child abuse cases.

Amy’s professional excellence is driven by her chosen role as a child advocate.  She has combined knowledge from each discipline related to each degree she earned at NMSU—criminal justice, psychology, and school psychology—to shape a noteworthy career. Amy spent nearly a decade working with the Doña Ana County District Attorney’s Office screening child sexual abuse investigations, creating a program in the juvenile crime unit, and assisting crime victims as their cases were being prosecuted and working their way through the criminal justice system.  She also worked with New Mexico and Arizona public schools as a school psychologist. It was in 2013 that Amy began working on the Child Protection Team at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Her role requires her interview children for law enforcement when they have possibly been victims and/or witnesses of a crime, including cases of sexual and physical abuse, homicide, neglect, and kidnappings.

As an advocate for children, promoter of self-care among her colleagues, and a trainer for law enforcement in the field of child abuse, Amy says, “I have a specific job. I am just one spoke in the wheel of this difficult process.  My role is to let a child feel comfortable enough to tell me what happened, giving them a voice. I am incredibly proud in my small role in their lives.”

Amy is an avid supporter of the NMSU Alumni Association Phoenix Chapter, working closely with the chapter to raise money for NMSU student scholarships, and provide a venue for new graduates from NMSU to feel like they have a group to connect with when they relocate. She is also passionate about speaking to college students interested in school psychology and criminal justice, and is scheduled to return to NMSU for a speaking engagement this fall.