The STEM Outreach Center Hosts Astronomy night

studentsThe STEM Outreach Center Hosted Astronomy night in Dona Ana. This event included various activities for students to engage in to further their knowledge about outer space. Booths focused on different aspects of the astronomical realm, including; constellations, planets, and galaxies. Students were able to replicate constellations, make kaleidoscopes, and learn about rocketry by creating their very own straw rockets. Participants were able to play educational games using the Virtual Reality Goggles and venture into the exciting world of the 10-foot planetarium. Inside of the planetarium, students traveled through space in a cardboard rocket, to learn about the gas planets in the Universe.

The Astronomical Society of Las Cruces also attended, and brought telescopes for students to look at the stars and planets in a closer view. Families that attended were also able to take some pictures in the Astronomy themed photo booth. Participants enjoyed the wide array of activities that were included in the night and learned a great deal about the solar system.

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