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About Tk20


What is Tk20?
It is an assessment, accountability, and management system to help colleges and universities meet requirements for accreditation. Tk20 stands for ”Technology in Kindergarten through Age 20.”

Why is NMSU’s College of Education using Tk20?
In an effort to maintain the standards of the National Council for Accreditation for Teacher Education (NCATE), the College of Education implemented an information system product to help students track their progress through the curriculum. Tk20 was chosen for this purpose after a review of solutions used by top universities around the country.

To ensure that our programs align with critical state and national standards, the College of Education users Tk20’s Campus Tools for Higher Education to monitor and assess the progress of our candidates. This tool helps address the needs of our candidates, graduates, faculty, and college through access to the following features:

  • Course, program, and college-level assessments
  • Standards-based, reflective, electronic portfolios
  • Tracking and management of field experience, student teaching, and other clinical practice
  • Data aggregation from multiple assessments for candidates and programs
  • Candidate advisement, with access to records, assessments, transcripts, and program requirements
  • Creation of reports for comprehensive analyses and accreditation support
  • Powerful survey/collaboration tools for current candidates, graduates, K-12 and other education partners