Elementary Alternative Licensure Process

The College of Education at New Mexico State University has developed an elementary alternative licensure process for persons who hold at least a baccalaureate degree, but have not completed a traditional educator preparation program. In order to qualify for the Elementary Alternative Licensure Process at New Mexico State University, a candidate must have a contract with a New Mexico district as a teacher in an elementary school or middle grades K-8.

The course work for the alternative license is comprised of 21 post-baccalaureate semester hours and could be completed in a single year. The courses are 3 credit hours each and are listed as follows:

SPED 500 – Special Education for Regular Educators
EDUC 515 – Multicultural Education
EDUC 557 – Internship: Science and Math Methods
EDUC 558 – Internship: Social Studies/Language Arts

RDG 560  – Reading Seminar I
RDG 561  – Reading Seminar II
EDUC 575 – Contemporary Issues in Education

Candidates who complete the alternative program at New Mexico State University, and meet all other state requirements (pass all state licensure exams, etc.), can be licensed in New Mexico only. For further information please contact the Department of Curriculum & Instruction 575 646-4820.