October 2017 Core Values Dean’s parking spot winner –Adan Contreras

Adan ContrerasWe would like to congratulate Adan Contreras for winning the October Core Values Dean’s parking spot award.  Adan was nominated for the award by exemplifying one or more of the Core Values of the College of Education. 

“Adan joined the MC2 team as a work-study and is a Kinesiology major.  This young man exudes the college’s Core Values in many ways.  He always seeks ways to support the intense work of the team when planning and preparing, which may be challenging at times. Adan seeks the well-being of the staff and all the teachers who will benefit and displays responsibility, a positive attitude, and quality in his work.  He is proper, respectful to others, attentive and inviting.  He has also worked videotaping in classrooms with very young students of different backgrounds and skill levels.  Being able to do this, he contributes to the work we do in diverse populations. Adan is proactive about his school work and his duties as a work-study.  In addition, he serves as a role model for the young students whose classrooms he works in and can be an influence to future NMSU students!”

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