The Renovation of O’Donnell Hall

03 O'Donnell HallWe have moved back into O’Donnell Hall. There is some remaining work to be completed. The addition of a cafe on the ground floor, and the landscaping of the old playground is expected to be completed in Spring 2010. The building opened in the Spring of 2008 with a full schedule of classes. Faculty and staff were able to move in over the summer and we had our grand re-opening in September 2008. The enhancements to the building are numerous. We have Windows! All the regular classrooms have projectors, computer, video player, sound system and power screens. Technology will soon be installed in the remaining two seminar rooms.

The Department of Special Education and Communication Disorders remains, for now, in the Speech building, though we hope to add on to O’Donnell Hall in the future. The majority of the Department of Human Performance, Dance and Recreation is located in the Activity Center; Athletic Training has offices in the Fulton Center.

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