The LANL Foundation an the Thornburg Foundation host series

Drs. Karen Trujillo, Linda Darling-Hammond, and Wanda Bulger-Tamez

Dr. Karen Trujillo, Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond, and Dr. Wanda Bulger-Tamez at the conference.

The LANL Foundation, in conjunction with the Thornburg Foundation are hosting a distinguished speaker series on education. On Thursday, November 15th, Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond, renown researcher and author on education,  spoke about education systems from around the world that work. Dr. Karen Trujillo, Interim Dean of Research in the College of Education, provided a picture of programs that are working to elevate education in New Mexico. Dr. Wanda Bulger-Tamez, Director of Mathematically Connected Communities here at NMSU was the moderator. 

The audience was excited to hear about the “grow your own teachers” program known as Educators Rising and the impact of the professional development provided to teachers across NM by the Mathematically Connected Communities project and the Scientifically Connected Communities project, all sponsored by the College of Education at NMSU.

For more information on these exciting education programs here at NMSU, visit, and





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