Kinesiology Program Redefines Kinetic

lab-girlsKinesiology (with independent track options in Exercise Science, Sports Marketing, Sport Psychology, Gerontology, and Business) is one of the fastest growing undergraduate academic majors in the country, due in large part to the high demand for professionals in allied health sciences.  At NMSU, in 2003, the program enrolled 28 students; for the Fall 2010 semester, enrollment stands at 250.  It is expected that the demand for professionals in allied health fields will increase by as much as 36% over the next 8 to 10 years, which suggests increasing academic growth into the future.

Focusing on development of an understanding of human physiological, psychological, and biomechanical function and performance, as well as the impacts of age, injury, or disease on normal performance, the Kinesiology curricula are designed to prepare students for professional schools leading to careers in many allied health fields such as medicine, physical and occupational therapy, and chiropractic.  Graduates of the program have been accepted into many top-ranked medical schools, physical and occupational therapy programs, and a number of other graduate programs in related fields leading to a wide variety of career paths.

Kinesiology students have the opportunity to sit for a number of different national certifications.  One major goal of the program is to have all students earn a bachelor’s degree and graduate with a nationally recognized certification.  This is a way to set NMSU students apart from those in other institutions offering similar fields of preparation and study.

New Mexico State University College of Education’s Kinesiology program is approved by the National Strength and Conditioning Association as an Educationally Academic Recognized school.  In addition, the program is a member of the American Kinesiology Association.

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