December/January Core Values winner – Rebecca Alvarado-Alcantar

Rebecca Alvarado-Alcantar with parking passWe would like to congratulate Rebecca Alvarado-Alcantar for winning the December and January Core Values Dean’s parking spot award.  Rebecca was nominated for the award by exemplifying one or more of the Core Values of the College of Education. 

“Rebecca is a doctoral student in the Department of Special Education and Communication Disorders and she displays the quality of leadership.  She is committed to her future as a leader in special education in her research and learning.  Rebecca recently took a leave of absence from her work in order to fully immerse herself in the academic experience here at NMSU.  She has since committed to multiple school-based research projects, engaged in scholarly writing, and submitted applications for presentations.  Her decision to become of the NMSU academic community displays a commitment to her overall goal to become a leader in the area of special education.”

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