Web Services

Dr. Jennifer Villa oversees the College of Education website and assists departments and projects in the design and maintenance of their webpages. If you encounter problems with the College of Education website or need changes made to department webpages which your department staff don’t know how to do, or questions about access please email Dr. Villa (jvilla@nmsu.edu).

Departments, programs and faculty are encouraged to produce and maintain their own webpages. All members of the NMSU community have access to webpage space on the university servers. Instructions for creating your own personal webpage can be found at https://wordpress.nmsu.edu/

NMSU is now offering students & faculty free WordPress sites.  WordPress.NMSU.Edu is a web hosting service, available for free to anyone with a myNMSU account for personal websites as well as student organizations.

All our departmental websites and projects sites have migrated to the WordPress server. If you need a WordPress site for a college projects, you can request one directly at http://wptraining.nmsu.edu/  or contact Dr. Villa, who can assist you with requesting and setting up your site.

Design Standards

All official departmental webpages should be updated to the new WordPress NMSU Theme 2.0 in the design of their main webpages. Projects and non-academic programs may use different design standards as long as they conform to the NMSU WWW policies. To get WordPress training, go to http://wptraining.nmsu.edu/training/ or contact Adam Cavotta (cavotta@nmsu.edu).

Use of Images

We have had a few requests from people who do not want their picture on the web, to have their picture removed. We have removed those images. If you object to a picture of yourself which is currently on any of the college websites, please let Dr. Villa know what page it is on (url) and we will remove it. If you are adding images to any of the college’s sites, please use the College Model Release form.