Instructional Labs

041 PC lab from the frontWindows/PC lab OH 041

O’Donnell 041, the PC Lab,  seats 25 students. The computers use the Windows 10 operating system. Other classroom equipment includes a LCD Projector mounted in the ceiling, and a DVD/VHS combo. Software available includes the Office 2016 suite, Adobe CS suite, and SPSS. The printer in 041 is on the university “Pay-for-print” system.

The 041 PC Lab, is available through Academic Scheduling Workshops, Masters Examinations and other events can be scheduled around the classes, on Fridays and some weekends. Students are welcome to use the labs at all other open times (M-F 7am-7pm). If you have scheduled a workshop or exam in one of the labs and need specialized software, please let us know several days in advance. LRC front desk phone: 575-646-2513.

O'Donnell Hall 033 Multimedia Lab

O’Donnell Hall 033 Multimedia Lab

PC lab OH 033

The College of Education has partnered with the Center for English language programs (CELP) to upgrade the 24 computers in O’Donnell 033. CELP has the lab reserved for 24 hours/week, and the college has some classes scheduled also. When classes are not in session, the lab is available for all students to use.

Graduate student in the college with key cards can get access to the labs evenings and weekends using their key card. The printer in 033 is on the university “Pay-for-print” system.