NMSU College of Education

Our mission is to serve the people of New Mexico through education, research, extension education, and public service with specific emphasis on innovative practices, overcoming barriers to learning, international activities, technology, and literacy for the diverse populations of New Mexico, surrounding states and border communities.

Whats New!

CoEd Emerging Scholars Initiative
The CoEd initiative to support and promote innovative research efforts of untenured, tenure-track faculty and research faculty.
2016 New Faculty
Five new faculty joined us this semester; visit the page to see pictures and bios.
Diversity Task Force
The College of Education actively seeks to build an inclusive community/culture of humility, respect, trust, and dignity to engage, understand, value and support all individuals.
Students exemplify the CoEd Core Values
Students who were nominated and received a Core Values Dean’s parking spot.
fall2016_coe_brochure-coverDownload the College of Education Transforming Lives brochure. College of Education 2016 Quick Facts College of Education 2016 Quick Facts