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Congratulations to David Villalobos for being selected as February 2016 Core Values parking spot winner.

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David has worked in C&I for 2 years and is majoring in Elementary Education-Bilingual/TESOL. David is taking 18 credit hours this semester and also working 30 plus hours at an outside job to make ends meet. He has a passion for education and changed his major to education upon working in the College of Ed. Growing up in a rural area, David wants to give back to his community by teaching the students that live there. David has a great sense of humor therefore making him a pleasure to have working in the office. He is going to make an excellent teacher and will make such a positive impact on his future students.

Students are randomly selected from a pool of nominees David was nominated by Grace Martinez (C&I).  To see prior winners, see the Student Core Values Awards page.

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